Imagine: Nordstrom. Top of the line item. Quality. Goes un-bought. Un-noticed. Half-yearly sale happens-gets temporarily marked down. Still un-bought, un-noticed. Goes back to full price. No matter. Sits there-waiting. A few lookers, no takers. Gets marked down to 20%. No dice. No takers. Another 20% off. The discount makes no difference. At 50%, finally someone takes it home. Uses it. Returns it in 30 days. Back to the shelf, a bit disheveled, a new tag, same price. Clearance rack. Sits there for a few weeks and then shipped to Nordstrom Rack. A few lookers, no takers. Gets discounted by 20% again. Taken home, returned, taken home, returned. Top shelf. Middle shelf. Bottom shelf. 60% off. 70% off. 80% off. Grubby hands pick it up, toss it on the floor. Paid hands prop it back up on the bottom shelf, smooth out the wrinkles, dust bunnies hanging onto the corners. 90% off. Shipped to a different country.

You ain’t bottom shelf clearance. I don’t care how many times you have been rejected or overlooked. You are valuable. You are still worth what you were when you were handmade. Grubby hands may play with you, bruise you, return you, but you are valuable.

Don’t start acting like you are bottom-shelf clearance. You get back up on the top shelf because you are top shelf value. Don’t be walking around like you on discount, for anyone to afford.

You are not discountable so don’t discount yourself and don’t let others discount you. Don’t you dare say things to yourself about your value that you wouldn’t say to your dear friend. You remind yourself, when others aren’t or can’t or won’t, that you don’t belong on the 90% off discounted rack, begging for someone to take you home. You are not available to cheap paws.

Make them pay the price if they want to take you home. Make them search for you and grow up to get you.

You ain’t on discount so don’t act like it-don’t talk like it-don’t look like it.

You are valuable. Don’t forget it.