YOU: Six months to live? So, wait, you have 6 months left to live?

ME: No, no. Well, I sure hope not. Six months to live, live it up, live to the fullest. Not six months left to live. I have been having anxiety about getting older and not having done things I want to do, wasting time watching Netflix, not being as intentional with each moment as I want to be. Life is running right by me, doing laps around the track and I’m still trying to tie my shoe laces.

YOU: So live like you have 6 months left? That’s so cliche. Is that offensive to people who actually do have 6 months left?

ME: Maybe? I know it’s cliche. But I think anyone who has limited time left would want the people around them to live more deeply, more in tune too- right? How many people are living life to the fullest, maximizing the moment? Not a week goes by where my co-workers and I aren’t saying “Thank God it’s Friday”, “Ugh, it’s Monday”, “I sure wish it was Friday”, etc. How is that healthy? Always wishing it was the future.

I need deadlines in life apparently to get things done and I’m having a hard time thinking about the next 30-40-50 years. Well, it’s not that it’s hard to think about-it’s just, I keep thinking I have so much time so why do anything now? Or rather, I’m still waiting for the perfect time to do certain things. I’ve been putting off things that need to be done.

YOU: Then, just do them. Why make a big deal about them? Why write it? Just do it.

ME: Maybe I need accountability. Maybe I like writing. Maybe I want to remind you that life is short and we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.

YOU: When?

ME: June 1 thru December 1.

YOU: What happens on December 2?

ME: I start over. Live another 6 months. Live it well, live it full.