(Please note the past 2 posts if you missed them. So, yesterday ended at 5AM this morning so…I wasn’t able to post anything til now.)

I woke up to “Fight Song” at 5:50AM, called mom, did yoga, read more of Genesis and I prayed for you (after reading Day 2 of Draw the Circle: 40 Day Prayer Challenge).

182 days to go! Thinking more about death, life, and what it means to press in.

I went on Amazon.com this morning and finally ordered the Pressure Cooker and Food Processor I’ve been wanting to buy. (Which means I can get rid of my huge rice cooker, blender that doesn’t work, tiny electric chopper, and hand mixer as I do have a KitchenAid so what am I waiting for?). I used the Smile-side of Amazon so my purchase benefitted Charity: Water. 🙂

Work happened to me all day (not my best day) and then I raced to a birthday party on a boat. It was glorious. The sunset, the friends, the snacks, the water.

And then we went dancing. And I misplaced my phone. And License. And Debit Card. And I couldn’t find my car. Yep. Real real dumb. I wandered for 2 hours looking for my car (well, I didn’t actually know what time it was so it might have been longer than 2 hours). The heels came off after 5 minutes of walking so…I have blisters now. But you know the miraculous part of this stupid moment of my life? I felt strangely ok. And it was a beautiful evening. And the hip pain I had been having for 3 weeks was completely gone. I had been limping just 3 days before due to the aching pain. Maybe it was the prayer combined with yoga but I didn’t even think about my hip on my early morning jaunt. Thank you God!

And did you know birds chirp all night long? At least in that neighborhood. The birds were so happy. And although I had no identification in a time-less world, I too was oddly happy. A lady was walking her dog at 5AM. I greeted her and kept walking.

The only phone number I know by heart is of my brother-in-law. I knew I needed to find a phone or a police officer or make my way to a friend’s house a few miles away.

But I finally found my car. And finally got home. And finally went to sleep.

(Yeah, this day won’t happen again. And I’m ok with that. My feet are ok with that.)

REMEMBER: In the words of my dad, “Bad breath is better than no breath”. And that has nothing to do with what I just wrote.