178 days to go. We have a lot of things to talk about as we prepare for the end. But not today. Too much to do today. We will talk Epitaphs, Regrets, Funerals, Eternity, Legacy, Legend, etc later.

Woke up to Jordan Smith singing, “Who You Are”. I love him. I could listen to that man all day long. (He was on The Voice and he won. Wait, did he win? To me, he won. Even if he didn’t. And I haven’t watched The Voice since. Why watch? Jordan already won).

Day 6-Call Mom. Day 6-make tea, not coffee. Day 6-Yoga with Adriene. Day 6-Draw the Circle with Mark Batterson.

Work was good. I realized I need projects or I start to feel antsy and unpurposeful and like I’m wasting time not fixing something. I need to fix something. So, I told my manager the medication log books are driving me crazy so I ordered a file box and I’m gonna organize those binders if it’s the last thing I do. I hope it’s not the last thing I do but if it is, write on my tombstone “Here lies Rhonda. Last thing she did was organize the heck out of some medication log books that no one cared about.” Actually I’m gonna be cremated. I don’t care about tombstones. Spread my ashes at the ocean where you spread my sister. But that subject is for a different day.

My co-worker brought the best smoked BBQ ribs you had in your entire life to work and shared them with me. And at lunch, I kept thinking, this is the highlight of my entire day. (There’s gotta be a joke in there about Adam and Eve and ribs being the highlight of their day too but I’m not quite putting it together. I’ll work on it).

But then I went to hang out with a weekly group of 4 of the most special women in the world. I took my Polaroid camera for the first time to use of my film (why save it?). And that was the highlight of my day (not ribs). Pictures of supportive, encouraging, beautiful women who share real struggle and real triumph who have been so loving and accepting for 3 years now? 2 years? I’ve lost count. I just love them. You need good friends in your life. People you can be yourself around. Just relax, say things you probably shouldn’t, tell stories you probably shouldn’t have lived through and hug at the end (They say you need 12 hugs a day to stay healthy. I think someone said that. I get all my hugs on Tuesday for the week. Those ladies like to hug. It’s almost too much and I act like I don’t like it that much but secretly, I really do. I think they know my secret which is why we just keep hugging).

REMEMBER: Hugs, not Drugs. And “Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life”-just bought a shirt on Etsy with that quote.