175 days to go!

Woke up Friday morning and did not do Yoga-I still need a break from Adriene.

Finished work, spend an hour in traffic, picked up MOD pizza and had a wild night of hanging out with R and her two little boys, watching The Truman Show. R had never watched it so naturally it was time.

“Good morning! And if I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night!”

I suppose every world we create around us can have invisible mental walls, boundaries/limitations made of fear, guilt, shame, insecurity, anger, frustration, unforgiveness and when we finally run our boat into the pretty sky blue wall we didn’t know was surrounding us and realize our entire lives have been determined/outlined/defined by these walls, we will take a bow, say goodbye, if we have the courage, and walk through the door to a new life, new level, new land.

And that was a really long sentence.