174 days to go. Another late entry!

Day 10 started with a thorough much needed cleaning of the house while watching podcasts and then I started reading book “Cesar’s Way” by Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer- as I prepare mentally to get a dog.  (I grew up with cats so learning to be a 24/7 Pack Leader is a whole new ballgame). And then I went to a birthday dinner for another friend named R. It was a lovely evening outside with a table full of beautiful women, at a restaurant on the water. I sat next to a lady named J who is passionate about helping women become “the shit” or rather a diva, (in it’s best form), not the narcissistic form but the “I know my worth and I act like it” form. From Cesar’s book to the convo with J, there seemed to be a theme.  A theme I have never quite grasped.

Beyond this though, what is it that you need to reach your potential? I’ve been thinking on this question. What needs to happen to get you propelled in the right direction? How have you been holding yourself back? How you think about the clothes you are wearing means more than the actual clothes you are wearing. We project energy-dogs pick up on it, people pick up on it. You teach people how to treat you by 1) how you treat yourself and 2) how you treat others. Oprah is mentioned in Cesar’s book as she was world famous but her dog had a lot of issues. Oprah was leading in so many areas but not with her dog. Thus, Oprah and her dog were suffering from her lack of leadership. Which, if you are one of the most influential women in the world, to be told you are lacking in leadership is challenging.

What is it that you need? You need new clothes? Is that all? You think it’s a new car? Or money? Will money propel you to your destiny, creating your legacy? It’s probably more than that. Is it a mentor? Read some books? Displine? Exercise? A game plan? You need counseling?

Whatever it is, figure it out. Ask God to tell you where to go. Quit spinning your wheels. Get serious.

REMEMEBER: Life is short. Shorter than you think. You don’t know when the end of your story will occur. You do youself and others no favors by not being all you were created to be.