173 days to go.

I’m going to just write Day 11 now before the day happens so that I don’t have another late entry.

Today is Day 4 without Yoga with Adriene. I’ll get up tomorrow and do it. Woke up to no music, read more Genesis, did some praying, some writing, cleaning. And then off to see “Wonder Woman”, the movie, at the Cinerama with my friend J (not Lady J from yesterday). And then 8 oz Burger which I have never been to. No time like now to go to 8 oz. Burger.

Live intentional, live without regrets, live fully, deeply, and honestly.

I think honesty is the best favor we can do ourselves and others. Be honest with yourself. Own it. Whatever it is. You ain’t taking care of yourself? Just own that. You aren’t nice to yourself? Own up to it. You aren’t nice to your mama? Own up to it. You are being lazy? Just own that and then ask yourself, “Is this who I want to be?”. If it is, ok, alright. If it’s not who you want to be, then what do you need to change that? You ever realize you keep attracting the same guy, same situation, same, same, same something. There’s a reason. Get honest. We ain’t got time for none of this coochie-coochie-coo, paddy cake. You are not a baby. And you shouldn’t act like one. Stop whining. Pull on your boots and get to work.

The clock is a-tickin’.