Late Entry

Friday. June 16. #168 days to go.

I took today off to look for a dog to adopt. None of the shelters opened before 11AM. Got to Seattle Animal Shelter at 10:45AM and sat in the parking lot reading my book. 4 more cars showed up to wait for it to open. As it became 10:58AM, we all got out of our cars, eyeing each other, slowly “casually” making our way to the door. Like we were at Walmart on the day after Thanksgiving, waiting for big screen TV. I hate trying to be competitive.

A lady got through the door before me and already had her application filled out. I quickly filled out the application and told the worker man the dog I was wanting. He said that was the dog the other lady was getting. Why did I let her get through the door first? Why didn’t I have an application already filled out? The man and I had a conversation and he basically had no dogs for someone like me. He clearly was attached to all the dogs and didn’t want to even humor the thought of me getting one. He told me to keep my application. Dejected, I left. As I was leaving, the lady who beat me in the door was standing by her car. I yelled out, in cynical humor, “You got the dog I wanted!”. She quickly responded, “It’s not my dog! My husband isn’t here so we couldn’t even adopt the dog if we wanted to today. But I’m going to take her on a walk and you should join us”. Oh no, no, that’s ok, I don’t want to impose. “Seriously, it’s no bother. Wait 5 minutes.” Ok. I tried not to cry.

Sure enough, the lady and Sadie came out and she came to my car to get me. “Walk with us!”. The lady and I proceeded to have a conversation about getting a dog in Seattle. She totally understood my frustrations. She said it’s like getting a house in Seattle, competition is fierce. You have to be quick, know exactly what you want, don’t hesitate, get there before everyone else. Good dogs are gone within hours. You can see the dog on the shelter’s website and by the time you drive to the shelter, the dog will be gone. She was very kind and encouraging and told me to not give up.

Sadie was a big dog, lots of energy and neither of us thought we wanted her by the end.

So, I went onto a Bellevue animal shelter. The worker man was very encouraging, repeating that competition was fierce, come on a weekday and be the first one in the door and you might have a chance. He mentioned that they bring dogs in from Yakima regularly who have been in the shelter for more than 10 days.

Next up, Lynnwood. Again, packed parking lot, lots of people. Two great looking dogs but they had just come from Texas that day and weren’t ready for adoption. The moment they were ready, I would need to be there. And there is no way to predict when they will be ready. Call every day, a couple times/day. Oh geez. Filled out an application and left.

Everett was next but due to traffic, was delayed and by the time I got there at 4:30PM, adoptions were finished for the day. I could come tomorrow. The workers were less than helpful but friendlier than others. Now what? The problem is that Washington state has done a tremendous job in spaying/neutering their pets. Dang Price is Right. Bob Barker always said to spay and neuter your pets. Apparently we listened, although Texas and California did not. That’s where all the dogs are! And you have to pay $700 to ship up a dog to adopt before you even meet it.

Went home, no dice, no dog. Ugh.

Went to Cafe Flora, a vegetarian restaurant I’d been wanting to try for months. Best polenta you ever did have. Excellent. Great evening with a dear friend.