Late Entry:

#167 days to go.

Got up early. Decisions, decisions. I could return to the shelters I’ve already been to…or go to one other place that’s more familiar than all the rest. The place I don’t need a GPS for. The place I could go to with my eyes shut because I’ve been there 10 million times. Yakima. I’ll go to Yakima. If Bellevue is shipping dogs in from Yakima, I’ll just skip Bellevue and go to Yakima myself. So I did. Again, lots of people waiting for the doors to open at 11AM. I got in, filled out my application and made my rounds. There was a dog I hadn’t seen on the website. Pebbles was on the website but Pebbles wasn’t available until 2pm that day. Oliver however, was younger, but available. Retriever Mix. The workers were really kind, joking that sometimes they have RBF (resting bitch face) but don’t mean it. They brought out Oliver who was jumping and energetic. Oh geez. Well, you’d be excited too if you were getting out of jail for a minute.

Oliver was jumping but we went outside and I waited. Waiting for him to let me lead. We’d go 2 steps and have to stop. What am I doing? I’m a cat person. I understand cats but this dog? We didn’t get far but Oliver knew “Sit”. We started running, walking, sniffing. We were ok. We were young but we were ok. We weren’t socialized but we weren’t mean. We weren’t afraid. But the jumping. No more jumping Oliver.

We went back after our 30 minute walk. The worker put Oliver back in the kennel. Do you want to walk another dog? Well, no. I think I want Oliver but let me think about it. I went and looked at the kittens. So cute. So sweet. So mild. None of them jumping and barking. Then I went back. Ok, I want Oliver. But I know people named Oliver so I can’t name my dog Oliver…What am I going to name him?

Jimmy? Howard? Theo? Robert? Alfred?

Chester. I’ll name him Chester.

Chester was very energetic but we ran some of it off and got in car. We needed supplies so we went to PetCo. Our first shopping trip. And Chester did good! He hopped onto one girl but she was sweet and said it’s because she smells like cats. He jumped on a guy but he was good natured as well. I just kept saying “We are working on our manners, forgive us!” PetCo is the best place to take your dog for their first shopping trip. And although Chester barked a few times, and I felt like the mother who has a kid throwing a tantrum at the mall, people looked at me in mild annoyance but nothing more. Whew. We did it.

Food, dishes, crate, toys. We stopped for a hamburger and Chester did not eat the treat they gave him. Apparently he has higher tastes than some random biscuit from Burger Ranch. I wanted to go to Subway but they don’t have drive thru and we will need drive thru’s from now on.

The Yakima Humane Society called. Chester was due for booster shots and I could get them now for free. He needed Rabies vaccines too but only a vet can give that so wouldn’t be today. We returned for a quick visit.

And then a ride home with a few stops. Only 1 pee and 1 poop in the grass. Ok, maybe we can do this. As we entered my home after a long walk, Chester started barking at a furry stool I have. He was afraid. So I sat on the stool. And sat there awhile. Until he sniffed the stool and was no longer afraid. Then he did laps. Around and around. Oh man. Why didn’t I get a cat? We went for another walk. And tried to eat. And I gave him one of my childhood bears as I realized he needed more toys. I put the large crate together with great angst. I realized I had an enormous blood blister on my foot and man, I was tired. We finally layed down and watched A Dog’s Purpose. Get off the couch. Get off the bed. Down Chester. Chester loved the movie. And we went to bed by 9:30PM. Chester stayed in that crate for 8.5 hours with no problems but I tossed and turned, waking up periodically to listen to his snoring. Holy smokes. What a day.