166 days to go.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Wish I could be with you to give you hug. I’m sorry my card is late!

No church for us today. We got up and went for a long walk. And then another one after breakfast. We went to the pet store to buy some toys and stuff. The employees were nice enough but not all that helpful with the saddle bag/harness contraption. And man, the moment another dog came into the store, we couldn’t control ourselves any more and had to leave. I am not a fan of tantrums.

We didn’t go to church because we are still bonding but I was able to tune in live to my sister’s church service which was excellent (New Life Center in Arkansas) and I really enjoyed it. *If you download the NLC app, you can listen live to the 9:30AM and 11:15AM services on Sunday. They have great music too.

Lunch at Pagliacci Pizza with C. Great afternoon catching up and trying to train my dog.

Tried to take a nap but I could hear Chester doing something and sure enough, he was sitting on my nice couch like he owned it, sitting like a human. Oh no you didn’t. He knows better. And he quickly got off and went to his crate. And then we had a nap.

He is not allowed on the couch. Not allowed on the bed. We’ve got rules, man, rules!

Chester walked with the saddle bags harness that I loaded with some rice and he acted like a good pack mule for most of the walk. Best walk we ever did have in our 1.5 days together. Only one episode of crazy barking at a dog across the street.

I am sore though. Holy smokes. Fell twice today and skinned my knee, enormous blisters on my big toes from the sudden increase in exercise and old shoes (and getting stepped on), building calluses on my sore hands from gripping the leash.

I called Chester, Chester, Chester. He didn’t respond. Then I said Oliver (His animal jail name) And he responded. Oh geez. He’s still got prison mentality, prison identity, ¬†prison name. I’m so glad he didn’t get any tattoos while in prison-those are ruff to get rid of.

Well, I smell like dog. All my clothes smell like dog. My house smells like dog. My car smells like dog. There’s fur everywhere and drool. How do dog people look so clean all the time? By the end of today, my hair was a mess and my make up all came off. I’ve been living in yoga pants and the kitchen is a mess. (The kitchen was a mess before the dog came so that’s just me perhaps).

We came home from our final walk and the I could hear people at the neighbors’ party saying stuff about Chester and then “Hi and Goodbye!” as I was walking quickly by them. My dog just hurt his foot (but seems to be ok?), my feet hurt, I’m tired, and my dog has manner issues that I don’t want to deal with. I don’t want to stop and talk to drinking strangers about my dog and try to keep him calm as I insecurely hope they don’t notice I’m a mess. So we didn’t say anything.

I almost think I might possibly know maybe a little of what a new mom goes through as they try and keep it together and fend off strangers from wanting to hold the baby.