#165 days to go.

Chester slept through the night again!

And I haven’t thought about doing Yoga With Adriene since last week. Who has time for that? Every muscle hurts from trying to control this dog while walking. 24 pounds of muscle (him, not me). I probably should be doing yoga but the floor is dirty and I could vacuum it but…that takes energy. I miss you Adriene but now I have a Chester and I’m pretty sure I’m going to gain better strong mom arms by walking Chester through our dog-infested neighborhood than doing some fun relaxing stretches.

Today after our saddle-bag walk, there was an old sausage on the patio from last night’s neighbor party. Before I saw it, Chester had eaten half of it. And I am not touching that nasty sausage but he didn’t know that so he enjoyed it quickly.

I put up the baby gate so I could leave him in the 2nd bedroom but the moment he saw me going for the door to leave for work, he flew over the gate to try to rescue me. I put him back in his room and shut the door. AGGGGHHHH!! I don’t want to leave him so soon! How do people do this?! This is heart-wrenching! I could just imagine him destroying the room and my bookcases falling and all my books getting eaten. And Chester getting crushed to death.

I worried about my poor dog for 4 hours straight. My stomach hurt. My head hurt. At 11:45AM I raced home to find my Chester doing just fine. Awfully excited to see me (we are still working on not jumping) and alive. Thank God. I then put my old clock radio in his room so he can watch the clock and listen to Spirit 105.3 (cuz it’s good Christian music for all ages and I don’t want him listening to that “spit on your grandma’s grave” music at this age. Plus, it will probably put him to sleep).

I didn’t mean for this to become a blog about my dang dog. I like him but I can’t say I love him. He moved in with me the first day we met, but I can’t say I’m attached. I’m feeding him and cleaning up after him, but I’m not sure we are fully committed to each other. He tries to run away but I keep pulling him back in with my charm and good looks.

I called the shelter today to have them remind me of Chester’s story. He was adopted at the shelter as a puppy. He was never a stray except when he wandered away from the family that adopted him and they never claimed him (he has a microchip so the shelter knows exactly who didn’t come to get him). This dog is too well trained to have been a stray. Someone worked hard with this dog. He is completely crate trained, house trained, and relatively happy. They didn’t train him to not bark and not jump but otherwise, this is a good dog. Clean coat, very clean teeth. And I like a clean mouth so yeah, he’s a good dog.

Bought him some bones today for his 9 month birthday. And gave him some peanut butter in a Kong toy. Happy Birthday Chessie!

Some day I’ll go back to writing about other things besides my dog. But for now, we are going to bed. Because we are exhausted.