164 days to go in this little journey of doing the things I want/need to do now, not later-living fully, realizing we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

So, before Chester, highlights of my day would often be meals or getting the mail. I realized today that I hadn’t checked the mail since last Friday. And meals? Well, I’m eating quickly and have forgotten a few meals in the last few days. The tea I made on the day I got Chester is still sitting in my dirty car.

I bet if Eve in The Garden of Eden had a Chester, she would not have had time to be staring at a Tree with delicious fruit, having a conversation with a snake, wondering if she should eat or not.  If she had a Chester, dragging her down the sidewalks, there would be no sin in the world.

Today when I raced back to work after lunch, I parked in a 2 hour street parking spot. Yep, forgot about my car. By the time I remembered, there was a $47 ticket and it was marked for towing/impound. That was a close call. Hallelujah I’m only paying $47.

A 1 hour walk this morning, 15 minute walk at lunch, 30 minute walk in the evening and then 1.5 hours at the park. And he still has energy. My friend N told me to call R. R is good with dogs. I forgot about R. I’m totally going to ask him to help me. N has a dog, but he didn’t like Chester very much.

Started doing the dishes tonight but Chester was energetic so I gave him a bone. He took the bone, dropped it in the living room, and came back to stare at me. So I followed him to the living room and sat on the couch to post this blog. He went back to his bone and is happily chewing. They grow up so fast so the dishes will have to wait.