Ok, 163 days to go! Happy First Day of Summer!

I’m sorry, but this will be another post about Chester. I wasn’t planning on this. I was planning to go through the list of all the things I need to do and posting on those in this 183 day journey. One things I wanted to get was a bike but I only wanted a bike so I could have another mode of exercise (as I wasn’t getting much before) but now…I don’t need a bike. I have a Chester.

My co-worker has a bike. She loves it. Rides it every day to work. She is currently biking across the US for MS (Multiple Sclerosis). I think she is probably in Illinois by now. She has long legs and makes biking look like a graceful beautiful thing. I, however, have short stumpy legs and would need to get a short stumpy bike. I would be anything but graceful.

I guess exercise was the only reason I wanted to get a bike during this “6 months to live”. And now, I really don’t want a bike and have no need for one.

Today, I counted up about how many strangers we have “met” since Chester and I got together. It’s got to be at least 40. I have interacted with 40 people in 5 days that I would have never talked to if it weren’t for this Chester.

The neighbor P was home today with his friend J. P and J are nice guys who immediately wanted to meet Chester. Chester sat down and loved the attention of these 2 guys. We then went on THE BEST walk of our lives. Chester was calm, sweet, and controlled. What?? My teenager needs men in his life! Of course.

The next walk we went on (as we are getting roughly 2 hours of exercise per day), I saw some guys mowing lawns. One of them was between mows and I told him, “My dog really likes men. Will you pet him?” He took off his gloves and petted Chester. Chester loved it! We almost took that man home with us but he was rather busy. (I’m just kidding, mom. Don’t worry). I’m going to keep using that line though. It’s a good one.

We met a little boy named Winslow today. He was on the sidewalk with his big water gun and he immediately wanted to hug Chester. I was a little nervous because the boy was no more than 6 years old and Chester likes to jump. But Chester sat down and let the boy hug him on the sidewalk. Winslow liked Chester. Chester liked Winslow. We hope we see Winslow again.

My friend L brought her dog N over for a playdate. N is a little dog and wasn’t particularly thrilled about an energetic big dog wanting to sniff his butt. L is fantastic with dogs and by the end, they almost seemed to tolerate each other.

Oh, and the poop thing. My dog is only 9 months which means he is still growing so the amount of poop he’s doing now is only going to grow. He poops about twice per day. There is one junky looking house with a junky yard that Chester poops in a lot. Today, Chester just pooped and then peed on the sidewalk. I get the dry-heaves cleaning up the smelly mound. How do people do this?

And then! I carry around this blue bag of poop with us for the rest of our walk/run. Just walking and running with a big bag of poop. Everyone knows I’m carrying around a bag of poop and yet they still stop and talk to us and pet my dog. My clothes smell, I’m sweaty, I have no make up on, my hair is disheveled and I’m carrying around poop and these people are still friendly! They just chat on and on. A man told us how his police department just trained a pit bull to sniff out drugs. Chester liked the man at first but then he started dragging me away. It was the first guy that he has been tired of. All the while I’m holding a bag of poop.