162 days to go!

I had originally thought that if I was to live like I had 6 months to live, I would make sure to have my nails done constantly, get eye lashes, etc. Not anymore. I have a Chester and having nice nails and fake eye lashes just doesn’t seem practical.

Last night, I wanted to clean house. I tried to vacuum but Chester freaked out. So I tried the Swiffer. Chester freaked out. How am I going to clean the house? I took him outside to cool off. The neighbor guy P and friend J were having a little bonfire and offered to babysit for awhile. I took Chester over and ran home to clean as fast as I could. P and J did great babysitting but Chester wanted to come home after about 15 minutes.

Today, I took Chester to the Urban Animal Vet clinic. They were fantastic. Chester had a few meltdowns. He doesn’t like the vet clinic. Apparently Chester is not 24 pounds like the Humane Society said. Chester is 51 pounds of pure muscle. Well, they said he’s a little chubby as he should have somewhat of a waist but he doesn’t. They think he will only get a little bigger which is excellent news since I’m not going to be getting much bigger.

My sister asked me if I named Chester after the best dog ever in the movie The Kid. The Kid? I only remember The Kid and Bruce Willis.

Chester and I left the vet, picked up some bones and more toys at the pet store and went home to watch The Kid.

(oh no, i’m all out of dog food. ugh. well, good thing he’s overweight. He won’t starve to death too soon).