Late Entry.

#161 days to go.

Forget Yoga with Adriene, forget reading, forget sanity. That was a dream from long ago that I barely remember.

There were 2 things about taking Chester to the vet that I didn’t mention. First, when we walked in, Chester started barking. Crazy dog. I tried to tell the person at the counter why we were there but he was so loud. They figured out quickly that he was barking at their stupid mannequins. Why on earth do you have scary mannequins in your windows? Of course, the mannequins were by the scale so Chester didn’t want to get weighed. He was able to get weighed later because I asked them to move the weird fake people.

When they took Chester to get his shots in a different room, the door was open in our exam room so I could see a lady in the lobby crying. I stepped out and looked down the hall at the exact moment a worker was carrying off a body in a blanket. I didn’t want to see that! I immediately started crying. Oh geez. Someday that will be me! I will be the one crying in the lobby as they carry my dog’s body away.

I took Chester off his leash today and he immediately went to the neighbor P’s house. P and his girlfriend (L or H? I can’t remember) were there and they love Chester. He jumped up on their couch (they leave their doors open) and I told him to get off. They said it was fine but I don’t want him getting bad manners. Chester started running down the outside walkway and I called his name. He stopped, thought for a minute, and then came back. They were impressed. Then he went racing to the front yard. Stopped to sniff around and then would come back and then go racing to the front again. And then into the street! Crazy dog went bouncing down the street. It’s a pretty busy street but thankfully he didn’t get too far. Two older men were coming across the street and he followed them onto the sidewalk. They fed him some food as I said “Thank you.” In the past week I’ve spent ~$1100 on this dog. This investment better last me longer than 7 days or I will be very annoyed.

For the first time, as it was getting close to bedtime, Chester started running crazy circles around the house. I wish I could have gotten it on video. It was the craziest thing he has done (besides running into the street).

The vet was right. He is like a goofy 9 year old boy. And we go to bed at 9:30PM these days because if I don’t put him to bed early, he just gets more and more crazy. As do I.