156 days to go.

Well, Chester has fears because Chester has a past.

We had a repeat episode today of craziness. Chester started ferociously barking as the hair on his back stood up. He was barking at a man who was sitting on a curb. This happened before. The only thing the two men had in common was that they were both sitting on a curb. One was young, African, listening to music, smiling. The other was older, white, smoking. Both seemed quite friendly and did not have anyone else around.

Is Chester afraid because they look like little people? Because they are loitering? I have no idea.

He doesn’t mind children, women, men of all colors and ages.

He also ferociously barks: when the vacuum cleaner turns on, when I climb a ladder and disappear into a hole in the ceiling, and when a man at the park was angrily yelling at another man.

The vacuum cleaner itself is ok, ladders are ok, men and parks are ok, curbs are ok.

So from what I can deduce from his fears, Chester came from a home where squatty little men would use loud vacuum cleaners as weapons and good people would disappear into holes in the ceiling and never come back. I’d be traumatized too.

I met a man on the street today who said he has a dog who is 12 months old. I asked him if dogs are better at 12 months than 9 months. He said yes, it does get better. He gave me hope.

Maybe we can do this.