152 days to go.

Hurried home after church to walk Chester. Life revolves around Chester and even if he was perfectly behaved, my life would still revolve around this crazy canine. M came over and brought her sweet Shiba Inu, Button. Button is preciously cute but did not like Chester. Chester was trying to…well, Button can still have babies and I think Chester  was hoping she would have his babies. Button did not want to have babies with Chester and the rejection upset him so I stuffed him in his back room while we ate lunch on the porch.

The house next door is owned by a guy named A who rents it out to P. P and his girlfriend L are out camping for the holiday weekend. A has been fixing up the house more and his daughter S has been hanging around. S came over to pet Chester awhile and help me trim my stupid bamboo bush. A said a guy named S planted the bamboo. I would like to talk to S and tell him how dumb he is. Who plants bamboo and then moves out? I think S should come back every month and trim the bamboo. Daughter S helped me bring home some paintings that a neighbor had outside leaning against his fence. There was a Free sign. Daughter S got some jewelry and I got some old paintings that are rather perfect although need some touch ups.