149 days to go.

Chester knows. Chester knows I am taking him back to the shelter. He has been pushing every limit and has crapped in the house again. He could be mad because I make him listen to Christian music radio stations all day. Well, it also may have to do with only getting 15 minute walks (he gets about 4 of these in a day now-he was getting at least 2 hours/day). My hand starts to hurt from the leash that’s wrapped tightly around my hand and it can’t grip much after 15 minutes anymore which means I can’t control him very well after 15 minutes of walking. Last night we did walk quite well but that was because the fireworks scared off every cat, bird, squirrel and every other dog in the neighborhood. I wish we could have fireworks every night. My dog, God bless him, is from Yakima which means he has probably been hearing gun shots for the past 9 months of his little life so what’s a few fireworks on his first 4th of July?

My friend J calls him Chester the Molester. I just liked the name Chester. A family friend use to have a friend named Chester and I just remember him as a good guy. Well, it was either that or Jimmy or Robert or William or Howard. But I decided on Chester.

I did email the REST women’s shelter today and said, “I’m sorry I have not brought any meals as I have had a dog I have been overwhelmed with. But I am getting rid of him so I will be back!” Women are more important than dogs. And this dog needs someone who can take care of him better than me. Someone with a strong right arm and strong commands. I have given Chester a good spoiled home for a few weeks and I am just fine with that contribution to society. I tried. You’re welcome. Now I am older and wiser than I was 3 weeks ago and I will never ever ever judge anyone with a badly behaved dog ever again in my entire life.

Growing up, we lived next door to a family with a dog named Spike. (Did I already tell you this story?) Spike would bark constantly. He was a mean medium sized black short haired dog if I remember right. He was awful. But you would be too if you were tied to a tree. Of course he was mean and barking all the time.  He was just sad though. And got yelled at for it. He needed a walk and some freedom and some love. Not much to ask for. Not much at all.

Chester and I went to the park with R and C and their boys. C took Chester for a walk. C is a big strong man and I will be eternally grateful for that respite. R and C though didn’t want to take Chester home. So, Chester got back in the car with me. We were both rather reluctant. My poor baby. 2 more days. I can hardly wait. It’s the same feeling I get right before I break up with a guy I’ve been needing to end things with. I’m so excited about the prospect of freedom. Chester the Molester is moving out. Our 3 week relationship is coming to an end. I can’t wait to clean my house from top to bottom. And get the use of my right hand back.

Neighbor P and L are celebrating 2 years together today. L is so sweet. She wants to post something on Facebook asking if any of her friends want a sweet energetic crazy psychopathic dog. She asked how much I would charge if someone wanted him. Charge? Charge? What are you talking about? I’ll pay someone to take him!