148 days to go.

Chester gets worse so I get worse then Chester gets worse. I had high hopes and expectations for when I got a dog. I had thought about it for a long time too! Sigh. I am not a failure but I sure didn’t succeed. My mom says I must have learned everything I needed to learn from Chester and it only took 3 weeks. I’m a fast learner apparently. Well, my mom thinks so and she’s my biggest fan.

Chester was driving me crazy so we went for a drive. But we went downtown and there were so many people that he started his crazy barking. Once we got away from the people, he calmed down. We went up to Golden Gardens for a bathroom break and then McDonald’s. The cup holders in my car are perfect water bowls for Chester. He loved them and I loved my ice cream cone. And then we saw a homeless guy in a wheelchair and he went berserkĀ again. And then a lady in the car next to us started talking to Chester so he went berserk again. Please stop talking to my dog.

Talked to B on the phone who was headed to Portland. What a gem. She wants to go running (and I just got some running clothes today in the mail that I ordered from Oiselle) so we may go running together soon. We have tried before though. But I talk too much. And so I have to stop running. So, she stops running. And then we just go for a leisure walk in our running clothes. But we sure do look good doing it. She’s such a good listener though and always seems to understand exactly what I’m saying. Poor girl. She doesn’t have any ears left because I have talked them off so many times. I always end up apologizing and telling her that next time she can talk and I’ll listen. But I always just end up talking. Some people can’t get me to talk at all but B is different. I can’t stop. She says she doesn’t mind. I have no idea if she’s lying to me or not.

1 more day of Chester. We are so excited to be breaking up.