145 days to go!

Back to Yoga with Adrienne Day #9 on You Tube. Adrienne, I have missed you!

Back to reading through the Bible and the 30 day Prayer Challenge with Mark Batterson.

It’s good to be back. Also paid my light bill late as who can think about paying bills when they have a dog? And since I am no longer a dog owner, I can go back to paying my bills.

Early to church to hold babies. Yesterday, I asked a guy who was visiting neighbor P how he was doing. The guy said he was “outstanding”. I have never in my entire life said I was “outstanding”. So today at church, when asked how I was doing, I said “outstanding”. I’m just gonna start saying I’m outstanding and maybe I’ll feel better than “fine” and “ok” and “alright”. I have said, “two steps above excellent” before but usually it’s sarcastic. I’ve also told people I’m “better than you” but that’s not a response to give everyone.

Bought a bunch of snacks, sandwiches and wine and headed to Greenlake with my floatie chair.  J and I floated the lake for almost 4 hours, eating the best Safeway has to give, and soaking in the sun. J always has such good ideas and I’m glad he always puts floating Greenlake on the list of things to do.

Outstanding day. Especially compared to yesterday.

Back to living life as if we only have 6 months left. Back to living fully. Back to living with intention and cherishing moments,