140 days to go!

Every day I get up and thank God I don’t have a dog. I don’t need love that bad. And it was bad.

Spent the evening with a friend who has been wanting a dog and changed her mind when she heard my story. I told her: what you want is an exercise partner, companion, cuddle buddy, affection giver, someone to have fun with, laugh with, enjoy life with. But you aren’t getting a husband, you are getting a toddler. You clean up it’s poop, you feed it, it can’t drive, it can’t talk, it has to go to bed at a certain time, it chews on things it shouldn’t, you do everything and your life revolves around it or you gotta get a babysitter to watch it and keep it out of trouble and from running away. If you want that, get a dog. It has it’s perks for sure. You might look more cool with a dog because dog people are so cool but you also may look ridiculous. I looked ridiculous. Because cat people shouldn’t get dogs. And sometimes cat people shouldn’t have cats either.

We went to Mammoth for dinner and watched the sun set over the water. It was a beautiful evening with a beautiful friend.

Heart full.