139 days to go.

Haircut by another beautiful friend S. How do I have so many beautiful friends? You may think, “Rhonda, you just think they are beautiful and choose to see the good stuff in them.” No, actually. Not really. I am not that compassionate. They really are the nicest people on the planet that God put in my life.

S met me at the Salon on her day off to do my hair. I tipped her well. Well, I thought it was well. We then went to get some tacos and tamales and popsicles at the food truck event in South Lake Union. It was hot and crowded. She got veggie tacos. I almost got veggie tacos but got the asada tacos instead. Veggie tacos though just meant some limp mushrooms got shovelled onto a tortilla. I don’t eat that fungus stuff so glad I got beef.

We then went to Nordstrom and Costco. Not the best places to go on a Saturday but with S, it wasn’t half bad. We kept each other from buying things we don’t need. Although, I did buy a big barrel of protein powder and I’m not sure I needed that. Why in the world did I buy so much protein? I am not a body builder. Maybe I should become one though in order to get through all this protein powder. I’m going to be 90 years old by the time I get to the bottom of the barrel. Oh brother. I forgot how much I love Costco. However, they don’t sell Coconut Crunchies anymore. And I loved the Coconut Crunchies. They also may not be called that anymore so no one knew what I was talking about when I asked where my Coconut Crunchies are. I tried googling Coconut Crunchies but even google didn’t know what Coconut Crunchies are. How can Google and Costco not know about Coconut Crunchies? You have to put those in the trunk of the car if you are going to transport them home or they won’t make it. Well, they will make it home but in your tummy, not the bag.

Bonfire at R’s house. R has a fantastic home and she has fantastic friends if I do say so myself. Beautiful night.

Heart full. Again.

Life is short. Make the most of your days. Forgive who you need to forgive. Say what you need to say. Listen. Reflect. Stay aware. Breathe. Rest. Work hard. Work at loving, work at giving, work at opening your life up to others. Stay vulnerable. Stop building walls. Big buildings need big foundations. If your foundation is taking extra long, it’s perhaps because you aren’t going to be a one-level building. Little convenience (convenient?) stores that sell Slurpies don’t need a big base. But you aren’t a little convenience store selling Slurpies. You are going to be a big sky scraper with ability to reach lots of people, give home to lots of people, be a refuge for lots of people, speak to lots of people, encourage lots of people. Now, there ain’t nothing wrong with being a little convenience store with a little foundation giving out little Slurpies. God knows we need Slurpies. But that’s not for you. That’s for someone else. Your foundation might be taking extra long, the concrete extra thick, extra deep, extra wide. Years might be going by, construction crews coming and going. But that’s ok. Because when it’s done, it’s going to be magnificent.