134 days to go.

Walked to work on a beautiful summer day.

And I yelled at more than one insurance robot. Well, I didn’t yell and they aren’t robots. But I wasn’t nice and they weren’t helpful.

Came home and almost lost my salvation putting together a bbq and a fire pit. But Neighbor P was kind enough to loan me his screwdriver which did help save my fingernails.

Went to the hardware store for supplies and they weren’t helpful either but I got what I needed.

You know, Neighbor P was the most helpful person I saw all day. I need to take him with me everywhere I go. And he got rid of that nasty rat.

I had thought when I started this, that I would not watch Netflix for 6 months but I’m giving that up. I just love BlueBloods and there are new episodes that I need to watch.

I picked up L at the airport. She said she would owe me for it. I told her she was right. Now, when and how shall I cash in?