133 days to go!

Late entry: It is so hard to post on-time on the weekends! Friday night was fantastical because I finally used my new fire pit and charcoal grill. I kept the fire extinguisher and the water hose close-by because I was not completely confident I wouldn’t burn the house down. Some friends came by and despite the “snowing” of ashes, we did have a great time.

The goal since June 1 has been to try new things, enjoy new things, think new thoughts. And today, despite a very busy work day, had new things in it like the fire pit and charcoal grill as well as making Sangria for the first time. It was a like tasty fruity Kool-Aid. Not all Sangria is tasty but this sure was. Which is the problem with Sangria. Once you get started drinking the Kool-Aid, it’s hard to stop.