130 days to go.

Late Entry.


The best part of today was watching the Great British Baking Show Season 3. Is that pathetic? But it was an insanely busy day with the phone ringing non-stop and I was so glad to get home and not talk to anyone. Well, I did talk to my mother on the phone because she wanted to know why I was so quiet all day (so I called and told her I was tired of listening to everyone and couldn’t listen to anyone anymore for the rest of my life). I also talked to B because B and I haven’t talked in forever and we miss each other so much. B is one of those people who seems to think everything I do makes sense and on non-sensical days, it’s nice to have someone who thinks you make sense.

I only half-listen to The G.B.B.S while I clean house. This is strategic. That way, when I watch re-runs, it won’t feel like I’m watching re-runs because I never completely paid attention.

I wonder if I do that with people. Perhaps I only half-listen so that when I hear the same story for the 5th time, I find out new things and can act better at being interested. That’s terrible. Why am I telling you this?

Day 54. How did Day 54 get here and have I learned anything? 6 months of living and I’m not sure I’m any different.

Remember: “If you feel lonely, dim all the lights and put on a horror movie. After awhile, it won’t feel like you are alone anymore.”