129 days to go.

I took part in a research study (today was day 2) at an outside facility. I actually did fine although I did have an attitude problem when I couldn’t log in. They give you the fake username and password and I put that information into the right spaces. However, it wasn’t accepting the username/password. So I said, “Is this seriously part of the test?” The administrator said no and that I had all the information I needed. So I tried writing “username: polly.wog@gmail.com”. It was just me, 2 administrators, a camcorder, a 1 way mirror and a computer. And I couldn’t log in. Polly.Wog@gmail.com. Well, I had actually put in “Polly.Wag@gmail.com”. At the end of the test, the administrator asked why I got the username incorrect. I responded, “Because my name is not Polly Wog”, and I smiled at her. She inquired again why I got it wrong. “Well, because ‘o’ and ‘a’ look similar.” OMG. Let it go, lady. Polly Wog was not the actual username but I can’t tell you the true username because then I’d have to kill you if I did. I was so annoyed with such a ridiculous thing. Stupid Polly Wog.

It was another insanely busy day at work.

And then 6 girls came over for a lovely evening around the fire pit. My hair still smells like smoke from last week’s fire pit.

I wish I was more fun. I wonder if there are people out there who wish they were less fun. Well, I bet there are. And they are all in jail. I don’t want to be too fun. But just fun enough to relax and not care if things are perfect or not, to not worry if everyone is having fun, to crack more jokes and laugh more and not be so dang practical and literal. Oh God. Help me.