Late Entry: 123 days to go.

My mom keeps calling every morning at 6AM even though I stopped waking up so early. I’ve been hitting “snooze” since I got rid of Chester. I want to start getting up again at 6am, just not quite yet.

I watched “What the Health?” on Netflix. I’ve watched other documentaries on food in America but this time it was different. Maybe the timing is better now than it was before. I always associated being “Vegan” as something done by extreme people, hippies, weirdos, crazy animal lovers. I also felt like going Vegan was hard and not something I was disciplined enough to ever do. And I love cheeseburgers.

So, I ordered 4 Vegan Cookbooks from Amazon.

I work with a Vegan and she’s normal. Maybe I can be a normal Vegan too?