122 days to go.

Great day at work and was able to catch up on things.

An animal-based diet is known to cause cancers among other diseases (some of which run in my family) so what am I doing still eating animal products? Have I been believing a lie? A Western lie that says milk is the only way to get calcium and prevent osteoporosis? A lie that says protein has to come from meat?

I went to Whole Foods starving. Which is the only way to go Vegan Grocery Shopping for the first time. I filled up my cart. I told the cashier that it was my first shopping trip as a Vegan. He said, “I could never do that”. We chatted about it briefly. He was young and obese. I felt sad he didn’t think he could be healthy.

I know diet is a personal decision. The Western diet of animal based products is pretty much suicide though. I want to die of old age! I don’t want to die of cancer and tumors and heart disease and diabetes and hypertension. I want to live. And I never liked eggs anyway so giving that up is not much of a sacrifice.

I came home and watched “Forks over Knives” on Netflix. Another documentary.

Even if half of the documentary is lies, that other 50% is pretty convincing nonetheless. I cleaned out the fridge. And ate Fresh Spring Rolls with lettuce, carrots, cucumber and tofu dipped in Peanut Sauce. Delicious. I could eat that every day and be perfectly happy.

Vegan. I don’t know if I want to admit adoption of that lifestyle. People judge you for not eating meat. But the consequence of not changing my diet? What of that?

If I was told that I could prevent myself from having breast cancer in 10 years by eating vegan, would I do it? Of course.