121 days to go.

Day 2 of not eating animal products. Even if I don’t live until I’m 100, life is going to feel really long on this meal plan. My intestines are having fun adjusting too.

I started watching another documentary on Netflix (Cowspiracy) about animals, diets and saving the planet. And then I went onto a scheduled pharmaceutical dinner at none other than…The Butcher’s Table. On the ride there, the uber driver and I started talking. Tom was friendly and I told him I was decreasing American animal products in my diet (after we talked about a bunch of other things). Tom basically said I was crazy and I shouldn’t do it. A complete stranger was very against me not eating beef.

The funny thing about talking about changing your own behavior, strangers seem to have an opinion about it. (My mother and friends I’ve talked to are very encouraging). I get the feeling some people are less defensive about their money/sex habits than they are about their diet. The thing is, we’ve all been eating longer than we have been having sex (well, you have) and we’ve been eating longer than we have been spending money.

So to change your diet? Something given to you originally by your own mother? That’s crazy talk. It’s like betrayal! Betrayal of your culture, your family, your social life, your intestinal bacteria that’s been there for decades.

The strangers I’ve told about changing my diet bring up animal cruelty and although I think animal cruelty is horrible, my reasons for not eating American animal products are way more selfish. You live longer when you eat a diet void of American toxins.

At the Butcher’s Table, I ordered a cauliflower steak. It’s not steak. It’s a thick slice of a head of cauliflower. I have never in my entire life enjoyed cauliflower but tonight, I did. I honestly enjoyed that seared/seasoned cauliflower. I was also quite hungry despite “eating” before I went. Cauliflower? Really? You are trading in a thick cut of beef for cauliflower?

I got two vegan cookbooks in the mail today. Let the party begin!