120 days to go!

It was a great day! And I feel pretty good.

I told neighbor P about trying to eat less animal products (well, actually NO animal products). He was sweet and we had a great conversation about it as I gave him a bunch of great cheese, fancy burgers,  and cheesy pasta sauce. I was happy that the food wasn’t going to waste. P works at a restaurant. He says there are 2 types of Vegans. There’s the snobs who demand you serve them exactly what they want with a billion specifics and then there’s the humble people who say, “Is there any way you can possibly help me with a dish that doesn’t have animal products in it?” I don’t want to be a snob, a weirdo, and a puffed up know-it-all. P and I agreed, no one likes those people.

Then P’s girlfriend L came home and I told her about it all too. She’s so sweet too. We looked at the diner stools that P had just bought at Goodwill that he’s going to clean up and put in his house. He’s handy like that so I’m sure they will look great.

B came over. I haven’t seen her in such a long time. I made her a vegan dinner of pasta with tomatoes/basil and reduced balsamic vinegar along with fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce. We then walked to Safeway for a few items and then came back and I introduced her to the Great British Baking Show. She loved it along with our cashew non-dairy ice cream with salted caramel. It was so delicious. Seriously.

The worst part of my day was realizing that I missed Garbage Day today. I had cleaned out my fridge so my little garbage cube was stuffed! What am I going to do for a week with all my garbage, in 90 degree weather no less?! Gross.

And then B…in all her generosity, offered to take all my garbage. I almost cried. What a gem. What kind of friend offers to take all your garbage? I wanted to decline but I wouldn’t want to rob her of the blessing that comes after being so dang generous and kind.

I got 2 more Vegan cookbooks in the mail today and I started following a bunch of Vegan people on Instagram. Day 3 of this was a success. Although I did eat some Reese’s Pieces from R’s desk at work. I don’t think they are vegan but I’m not going to check.