119 days to go.

You know, it was a fabulous day. Our clinic closed at 12pm as we went down to the park by the water and welcomed home a co-worker who has been on the Bike the US for MS ride since May. It’s incredible and they raised $60,000 for the clinic I work for. Great time, great food, great party. And it was so hot and hazy but I love it. I would rather it be hot and hazy than cold and clear. We dripped sweat and it was glorious.

Then I sprinted, in my car, to pick up E (not ecstasy) and get to Bellevue to help set up for a party to celebrate a friend. E and I stopped at QFC since we were both hungry so I started looking around for what I could eat at the deli. Nothing. It was all meaty and seafoody. So they made me a sandwich. Bread, hummus, oil, vinegar, lettuce, onions, cucumber, tomato, green pepper. Never in a million years would I think that would be my go-to dinner. I am not a rabbit but here I am acting like it. Half-way through the party, I seriously felt so ill. Dang diet. I was like, man, who does this if this is how you feel? Headaches, nausea, and just wanting to crawl into a hole and never come out. Withdrawals, man, withdrawals. They had hummus at the party and after 4 days of eating hummus, I could not stomach more hummus. I couldn’t do it. I wanted to do it. I couldn’t do it. But was I craving a cheeseburger? No, not at all. Then the wave of illness passed and I felt great again. Strange. But anyway, enough about that.

119 days to go. You know, anything can happen in 119 days. Absolutely anything. And God already knows exactly what the next 119 days will hold. Miracles, tragedies, surprises, gifts, pleasantries, sad times, happy times. But you can only take one day at a time. Just one. Live today to the fullest. Express love, joy, faith. Don’t keep it to yourself. Show it, speak it, live it. Trust that God will get your through, through the valley, through the mountain. Don’t give up. Never give up. You’ll make it. I know it.