118 days to go.

Late Entry: I gotta get caught up on these posts.

So Saturday. Day 66. Brunch at the Local 360 with E, B, S, M, and J. All their meals looked fantastic and mine was so vegan. Did other Saturday stuff and then went over to other J’s house because some other plans were cancelled. I told J that I eat vegan and although he was less than thrilled, he already eats Tom Brady meals half the time which are…wait for it…vegan. We made some rice noodle tofu meal from Tom but it was missing the black bean paste or something and it didn’t quite taste delicious like the recipe. J goes to bed at 9:30PM so I left and went to bed like it was a Tuesday night.

Remember: You can do it. Half your battle is just believing you can do it. Heck, it’s probably more than that.