114 days to go.

I took a walk this evening. A little boy was walking with a man, supposedly his father. I said, “Hello”, and the man responded with, “Hello”, and then said, “Say hello”. The little boy and I both obeyed and said, “Hello”. We passed each other and kept walking our opposite directions. About 20 feet later, the little boy and I both turned around and waved at each other. He had red hair, a little darker/brighter than mine. We would be best friends if given the chance because clearly we are from the same people, we are on the same red-headed path that every true red-head understands.

I remember my first boyfriend, who was African-American, nodding to brothers we would pass on the sidewalk. I asked him what it meant, what they were saying to each other. He wouldn’t tell me.

I think we need to nod more. Nod because we are both short, both tall, both old, both young, both American, both women, both work at the same place, both on the same block, same city, same park. Nod because we are human on the same planet.

Awhile back, I was at Lowe’s Hardware store. I needed sanding paper. I found the sanding blocks/papers/sponges section. I was staring at all the options along with a latino man. I asked him, “How are we going to choose the one we need?” He had no idea. And I had no idea and we both ended up picking different ones and wishing each other good luck in our projects. We were nodding, in our shared common interest and problem.

I think we should nod more, looking for things in common with the people around us.