112 days to go.

TGIF!! Work was work was work but it was a good work day. I met up with T and W and H. I hadn’t seen them in a very long time. We went to Rachel’s Ginger Beer. I lamented about Chester who was suppose to become best buddies with H but didn’t ever get the chance. H is still just as cute as ever and T and W continued to think I should get a little dog like their’s. The Art Walk was happening so we stopped at a little clothing shop. Nothing was going to fit me but still was fun to look. I would love someone to open a shop for only people under 5’4″. Why is this not a thing? Do you know how many people under 5’4″ struggle to find clothes? I don’t think a place like that would have any problem getting business. But if it was a good idea, perhaps it would have been done by now. If nothing else, in the Petite Section of your dang store, make the shelves lower. It’s not rocket science. I don’t know what science it is, but it’s not rocket science. As most things are not rocket science. Only rocket science is rocket science.

Anyway, T and W and little H are amazing people and I just love them. We talked about everything and nothing which are the only 2 topics you can talk about with people you adore.