110 days to go.

Late entries.

I went to church today, sat in the back, between two African American women I didn’t know. And as Pastor Judah prayed for our nation, for Charlottesville, we clasped hands and prayed with him. And I cried. I gave my friend B a hug but since he was handing out fliers at the door, he couldn’t talk. I hope he knows how much he is loved. He’s E little brother and I must say, I do adore that boy. (And not only because he’s really good at explaining physics to me).

I left church and went home and the more I was only with myself, I felt more and more down and depressed. Mom said I might need a nap. She was right.

Today, I met up with A and K for a concert at the Zoo. Above the stage it read something like, Support concerts and Save animals. I was/am confused as to why they had a BBQ and were selling dead meat. Apparently we only care about certain animals…but anyway. It was a wonderful concert with Gregory Alan Isakov and Blind Pilot. And it didn’t rain! Fabulous time with fabulous friends. We left and went to the Blue Glass but not until me and K had both bought 2 records. A said he wanted to come to my birthday party but I told him he had to grow boobs first. I don’t think he can do it in 2 days so he probably won’t be coming. A made me an astrology chart and tried to decipher all it’s details. I wasn’t quite following all he said but listened. It was a good evening, a good day.