109 days to go.

Late Entry.

I’m gonna be in a wedding! So, I raced to David’s Bridal after work to get a bridesmaid dress. I haven’t been to David’s Bridal since 2003 when I was in J’s wedding. Or maybe it was 2002? I was in D, L, J, B, S, R, L’s weddings but I have waited the longest to be in C’s wedding and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am.

I then went to get pho because I was starving…and I ordered it with chicken. Shhhh. I only ate one little piece but it was pretty good. It was my 2 week anniversary of being vegan so I obviously, I had to celebrate.

And of course, to cap off the night, a trip to Half Price Books next door to the pho place was an obvious choice. I think every Pho restaurant should have a Half Price Books next door. So I went to Half Price Books and I bought 8 books for my 8 friends who are coming to my birthday party. I told the guy at the check-out counter that it was almost my birthday and these were presents for my friends. He thought it was odd I was buying presents for other people. He doesn’t know how much fun it is to buy presents for others.