108 days to go.

Late Entry:

Today is my birthday. Tuesday. I’ve always loved my birthday. My family have always made it a good day. And I’ve never worked on my birthday but today I did. And you know, it was kind of fun.

My co-worker put up some ribbons all around my desk and gave me a Starbucks card.  Another co-worker bought my coffee for the morning. And then we had our monthly birthday staff luncheon with a Vegan theme! And I was the only August birthday person present so…it felt personal. 🙂 Another co-worker made fun of my toes which was annoying and reminded me why I should not work on my birthday. We all have things we don’t like about ourselves but my toes were never one of those things. I don’t know why I care what this guy thinks at all but come on, don’t make fun of my body on my birthday.

Dinner was at Cafe Flora with K, L, B, L, B, E, C, and A. They are the most generous, kind, sweet girls on the planet and I am so blessed that they would choose to be my friends. Seriously. They liked their books and they gave me generous presents too! And the food at Cafe Flora was SO GOOD. We had a great time. And I had the best birthday with the most beautiful people.

Happy Birthday to me!