105 days to go. Late Entry!

Today *8/23, my sister said I better write or people are going to think something happened to me. Well, that’s not a direct quote but it was something like that.

TGIF.  I had a fine day and then went to dinner with J at Cuoco. We went to a Tom Douglas restaurant because every year for my birthday, Tom gives me free Coconut Cream pie. And like last year, it was delicious. And the Seahawks won their pre-season game so it was a pretty good evening. (I cheated in my plant-based diet obviously).

I got a ticket in the mail. Did I mention this before? I ran a red light and one of those cameras caught me. I went online and looked at the video. I clearly ran that light on 7/30. What was I doing on 7/30 at 10:45AM? I need to read back through my entry to find out where I was going. That $136 traffic violation will not go on my record thankfully. They said it’s like getting a parking ticket. I don’t quite understand that but I’m glad.