103 days to go.

I held babies at church this morning. They all started crying together at 10:15AM because it was nap time which was less than ideal but what can you do?

C, B, and A came to church so it was great fun to see them and sit by them. I usually sit alone at church which can be conducive to making new friends but sometimes you just want to sit with your old friends and forget that strangers exist.

Today was L’s birthday party so I brought my polaroid camera with me to capture the moments at her request. It was a great party but I had to leave before the pinata portion of the party due to having to go to a concert at the zoo (again!). It was a fine concert but I had other complaints about the evening. St. Paul and the Broken Bones was amazing but I still left mad.

Life is too short to not communicate certain things. Sometimes though, it takes me quite awhile to know what I feel. I don’t know why. It just does. And then when I finally feel it, oh I feel it and there ain’t no turning off the emotion until I have been fully understood.