102 days to go. Late Entry

Day of the Solar Eclipse! (August 21, 2017)

I had the day off as I thought a few months ago that I should just take a random 3 day weekend off in August. I happened to pick the eclipse day. I spent the day with T and her 2 adorable kids. We had a great time-although didn’t have eclipse glasses so just went outside and enjoyed the shadows and drop in temperature. I really thought it would get 90% darker. I don’t know why. It just made sense to me. But anyway, we made breakfast and went to the bookstore and then got ice cream. We hung out and talked and talked.

We talked a little about eternity and what it will be like to live forever. I’ve been thinking about it more lately. And the idea that I’m going to live forever sounds…well…exhausting and makes me kind of anxious. But then as I was talking to T, I suddenly realized, that eternity will be fine. It will be like you are having a conversation with a friend, 10 billion years pass, and you are still enjoying the conversation. You won’t even notice because no one has a watch, no one is going anywhere. You just enjoy the moment and there’s no mention of time and clocks. The moment could be a few seconds or a few thousand years and you won’t know. Just enjoy the moment and that’s eternity. Enjoying moments.

I can enjoy moments so I can live forever.

A and I went running around Greenlake. It was a beautiful evening and I had to stop quite a bit to rest. I cheated on my diet and ate pizza with A. The veggie option but that cheese wasn’t no vegan cheese.