100 days to go!

I really tried not to be rude on the phone to the insurance people today but I didn’t try hard enough.

I met up with my longtime friend W for dinner at Bar Cantinetta. The best pasta (with meat). She’s pregnant so didn’t particularly want to go to the Vegan Thai Restaurant and I couldn’t very well let her eat meat alone.  She said she didn’t understand why I wanted to eat Vegan but she said she would support me. True friend right there. She generously paid for dinner as she said it was for my birthday.

I walked home listening to my new favorite podcast. I don’t drive to work more than 5 minutes so I only really listen to it while taking walks. Criminal. Each episode is not all that long and is a true life story about something in America that was rather criminal, mysterious, and thought provoking. I love it. And life is too short to not fill it with the things you love. Although, that is what eternity will be…full of the things you love. Well, that’s not true. I love a lot of people who might not make it to where I’m going. We are all going to live forever. But we won’t all live in the same place. I hope you will be there. I really do.