99 days to go.

Friday Junior, Friday Eve, Little Friday was a relatively fine day. I didn’t sleep well the night before so didn’t do yoga or go for a walk. My vegan, sedentary life is tightening my pants. I need to exercise more.

I walked to the post office after work as well as a new ice cream shop. Two places I had never been. The blueberry sorbet was very blueberry and sweet. The little shop was empty except for the girl making cookies. The place is rather cluttered and there isn’t enough light. She said they had been open since around April. It was so cluttered that it appeared they’d opened just yesterday. It’s near my house but I hadn’t seen it open until now. I hope it lasts but it won’t without more customers and I can only eat so much blueberry sorbet.

Finished “Water for Elephants”. It is a well written New York Best Seller but a little too detailed in some areas and hard to forget.

I’ve been wanting to get a new car but then when I contemplate eternity, I find contentment with my car (that despite the automatic car wash today is still dirty with bird poop and peeling paint). In a billion years, when we are up in Heaven, no one is going to say, “Remember that time I bought a 2017 BMW?”

That’s kind of like us talking about how once when we were 3 years old, we were the coolest kid because grandma bought us a pair of Nikes. No one cares now about what shoes you wore when you were 3. It doesn’t move you up the corporate ladder, it doesn’t get you more friends, it doesn’t heal your soul. It’s not a conversation at any time. And no one will care what car I drove when we get to Heaven. Shoot, I might not even remember. It will be like a long ago dream, so very real now, but will be so very distant then.

I got 2 plane tickets this week. This is the week to buy if you are going to get a good deal (according to the news anchor-I can’t remember if it was David Muir or Lester Holt but I do love both of them). People aren’t buying plane tickets because they are gearing up for back to school which means the prices drop a little momentarily.