97 days to go.

A came over early, too early for a Saturday so we could drive downtown to get tickets to the Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. We got to the SAM, after a stop at Starbucks, at 8AM. The line was already down the block. We entertained ourselves for 2 hours, talking non-stop like we hadn’t seen each other in years. We bought tickets for the 3pm showing which meant plenty of time to get our nails done, run into my friend S (who is helping to showcase the new Dyson blow dryer at Nordstrom-S gave us hair blowouts-she’s one of my favorite humans and not just cuz she always does a such great job on my hair), grab lunch at the Nordstrom cafe, shop and then get back to the SAM. The exhibit tickets took us 3 hours in the morning to get and then it took another 2 hours to get through the different rooms. There are excruciatingly long lines but…it really is worth it. After 9.5 hours together, A and I still had things to say but we were so tired so we skipped doing more shopping and went home.