95 days to go.

Monday, Monday. It was a busy day at work so had to stay late.

A and I went running again around GreenLake. It was a muggy evening but still good to get outside and sweat a little. We ate sushi for dinner. I shared what I had talked to Friend about yesterday. A and I encouraged each other to do what we have been having a hard time doing lately: reading the Bible and praying.

I’ve been feeling intermittently like I can’t remember things as well as I use to, say the wrong word in a sentence, forget things I did, accidentally lock my keys in the car while it’s running, etc. And you know, I keep running into people who feel the same way. Feel like their brains aren’t quite retaining all the information it should. Some blame it on past medical stuff, pregnancies, etc. Well, I have had no medical surgeries, no recent anesthesia, no pregnancies. So what is really going on? I wonder if it is the overload of social media, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, commercials, movies, music, full calendars, constant action, multitasking, not sleeping as much/as well as we should, trying to remember everyone’s names, stories, families, jobs, etc. And then add in the stress of the culture, fashion, food, finances, environment, society. And if your brain doesn’t have time to recharge, quiet down–well, how are you going to properly store all those memories? Or maybe I’m just getting older and this is what “older” looks like.