93 days to go.

Late Entry.

We had an ice cream social at work. They provided vegan ice cream for me and my vegan co-worker. I’m trying not to cheat on this plant based diet but sometimes, cheating happens. You just try better the next day.

My dear friends D and S mailed me vegan cookbooks for my birthday. They already gave me a birthday present but that’s just like them, always giving more. I wish they would move back to Seattle already but alas, they still like NYC.

It was a good day at work although was told I  (and the other nurse) get to do more work temporarily. It will be ok and for some reason, being needed makes me happier. I’ve been happier at work. So much more happier that my manager stopped by my desk and told me, “You’ve changed since I met you (a year ago). Keep up the good work.” I have been happier lately for a number of reasons but it’s all good.

Remember: “It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.”