92 days to go.

After work, I walked downtown to have happy hour with K at Carlile Room. I was early so I walked around, people watching. I stopped by Nordstrom to see if S was there but she wasn’t. An intense looking man stared at me as I walked by him and I stared back. He had empty eyes. I wonder if I looked full. He looked like he wanted to eat me.

K is great, always a good friend, always makes so much sense. And I found out we will be in Hawaii at the same time in October. Small world.

Walked all the way home but stopped by B’s place on the way. B and I chatted and then I continued home. It was a pleasant evening. Summer evenings will not last for much longer but I am happy about that. My wardrobe is 70% fall/winter clothes and 30% summer. I can’t wait to have more to wear. And I just bought 2 new coats so you know, this 70-80 degree weather can be done now. Next week, it’s going to get up to 90 so we are not quite done with summer.

I’ve been watching the news every night (except tonight) following the Hurricane Harvey in Houston tragedy. Every night, I watch it and cry.

My co-worker R today talked me into playing Fantasy Football. I’ve played Fantasy Football a few times in the past and I come in around 5th-6th place. I never win. But R said he needed one more person so how can I say no. Now I need to find out who all the good players are and try to get them on draft day!