88 days to go.

K and I woke up, drank coffee and played Badminton. We are so great at adulting.

And then…I made an online dating profile. It’s been a year so…well…whatever. I’m going to be different this time around. I’m going to be extra picky and I’m not going to respond unless I really really want to. No more just trying to be nice and encouraging to every Tom, Dick and Harry. I don’t know why I like being nice but no more being nice to everyone.

Left K’s house and went to M’s house. I drove to her house but then I got there and realized I could have walked. I didn’t realize it was only 0.3 miles away. K and M are practically neighbors so after brunch, M and I walked to K’s house so they could meet. They already know each other but they didn’t know they were neighbors. I love introducing neighbors to each other. It was great.

A and I ran Greenlake. It was quite hot outside so really we just walked and jogged a little and then ate pizza. Perfect evening.