87 days to go.

Late Entry. AGAIN!

I’m getting later and later on these posts.

Tuesday was crazy busy and then I raced home to get a huge suitcase from the attic and drive 30 minutes to give it to friend R who is going to Uganda in 3 days. She said she was planning to go to Value Village to get a suitcase. No one finds a big nice suitcase at Value Village. Ever. Besides, my big suitcases have been to Uganda many times so they don’t get lost. You need to take suitcases to Africa that don’t get lost. None of this “get a naive suitcase at Value Village” nonsense. Puh-lease. Take an experienced suitcase or don’t take one at all. I told her I want it back but if I don’t get it back, that’s ok. šŸ™‚ she will have a wonderful time. And friend R will too.