86 days to go.

Late Entry.

I started reading the book, “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn. Friend A and I decided to read it together. We’ve both been wanting to read it and just needed some accountability to finally start doing so.

Friend R text me and said she needed just a little more money for her trip to Uganda. What’s money to me? I wired it to her on the spot. (Wired? Uploaded? Sent?). My suitcase is going to Uganda so I better give some funds to make sure it actually goes with it’s chaperone. None of this “lone suitcase trying to get to Africa without a chaperone” nonsense. Heck yes, I’ll give you money to get to Uganda!

Picked off my beautiful manicure today. 2 days before a date too. Nothing like going on a date with crappy nails. And my nose is peeling. I picked at some blackheads. Can I admit that? So I got a scab and the skin all started peeling like a sunburn. Crappy nails and a peeling scabbed nose. I’m ready for my date. Just gonna wear extra bright lipstick so he won’t notice I’m human.