85 days to go.

Thursday. Another crazy busy day. When I start getting irritable at work at whatever insurance company, and I know everyone can hear me talking, I get off the phone and say, “I need a chill pill. Anyone have chill pills for me?”. I started this like yesterday. My co-workers actually do have these wintergreen Altoids that they offer me. We all got a little tin of them awhile back for employee appreciation week. I ate all mine in one day.

So, I make jokes about being annoyed and we all laugh (and they secretly pray that the chill pills work a miracle).

My nose is still peeling but my nails look better. I put coconut oil in my hair to soak overnight because my hair has been so dry lately.

(Cleaned house, listened to Criminal podcast, did budgeting, read Heaven).

It was a good day. 85 more good days to go.